Our Mission- To joyfully share the love of God and the good news of Jesus Christ through faithful worship, study, care, and service.

In a lot of ways, we are just like every other church in America.  In our nearly 125 years as a church, we have had many ups and a few downs.  We have points of pride and a few things we’d just as soon forget.  Yet we believe what makes us who we are, is that we are a group of people united around a simple, but important purpose: to do our very best to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbors as God does.

We are human beings and experience all of life’s struggles.  We laugh, we cry, we hurt and get hurt.  We celebrate and we mourn, we worry and, too often, we fear the unknown.  Yet, what keeps us coming back to this place is the focus and direction our faith provides in navigating the ups and downs of life, along with the love and care that are poured out on us in the good times and the bad, both by a Lord who loves us as well as by a whole bunch of brothers and sisters who never fail to give their best when we are at our worst.

We like to envision our life together as a journey – a journey with Our Lord and a journey with each other; a journey toward becoming better, more faithful people.  In our mind, the great thing about a journey is that it never ends.  When we fall down, we can get back up and when we make a wrong turn, we can turn around.  But a journey is also great because there will always be room for more and if you’re looking for a place to love and be loved, to grow and serve, we’d be blessed to share the journey with you!

What we believe:  We believe God is hard at work rescuing this world from sin and despair and that He’s invited us to come and be a part of that work.  We believe God has brought us together because we are stronger together than we are apart and, in our togetherness, we believe we can show the world a pretty good image of what God’s love is like.  We believe the Bible is our guide for who we were created to be as children of God.  And we believe Jesus has saved us from a life of anxiety and despair and invited us into a life of joyful obedience to God.