Jesus once told a story about a farmer who went out to scatter seed. Some of the seed, He said, fell on rocky soil and it couldn’t take root or grow. Other seed fell in decent soil, but it sprang up too quickly and it was choked out by weeds and scalded by the sun. But some of the seed fell in rich soil and it grew up into a beautiful harvest.

We believe that no matter how long we’ve been believers and no matter how long we have been going to church, we are always growing in our faith.

At FPC, we take the Bible seriously and we have worked hard to make sure that everyone who comes to our church will become more familiar and comfortable with the Scriptures. We offer Scripture based Sunday School classes for people of all ages. Our preschool and elementary aged children participate in a rotational style Sunday School where they learn the great stories of the Bible and become more familiar with using and reading their Bibles. Our middle and high school youth gather for a time of faith building and discussion on topics of special interest reflecting on the stories they learned when they were younger. We also host a Vacation Bible School in the summer for our youth, as well as youth in the Manchester area. Our VBS has a different theme every year and is put on by our Christian Education Committee.

Adults meet Sunday mornings for short term studies that focus heavily on scripture. We also occasionally gather for midweek Bible and book studies on a wide range of topics.

A fully staffed nursery is available during Adult Sunday School, as well as during worship.